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AFTRS Storytelling Scholarship

Residential Address


After viewing AFTRS promotional video 
Storytellers Wanted, provide one of the following:

* A script based on a story within Storytellers Wanted (max 3 -5 pages); OR

* A series of still photographs (max 5 photos) on a story within Storytellers Wanted; OR

* A concept illustration using digital painting, such as Photoshop, photomontage, traditional painting or drawing or a combination of any of these techniques on a story within Storytellers Wanted.




1) I declare that the information I submit in this application is true, correct, complete and not misleading. I understand AFTRS may vary or reverse any decision concerning my application if this is not the case.

2) I acknowledge that:

a.) I consent to AFTRS using and disclosing my personal information as described in AFTRS Privacy Policy and any Student Information Collection Notices, and as otherwise required or authorised by law.

b.) AFTRS will not otherwise collect, use or disclose my personal information without my consent.

c.) If I do not provide the personal information requested, AFTRS may not be able to process my application.

d.) Information about how I may access and correct my personal information held by AFTRS, how I may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how AFTRS will deal with such a complaint, is contained in the AFTRS Privacy Policy.

e.) Any supporting documents submitted by me for this application may not be returned.

f.) Meeting the scholarship eligibility criteria does not guarantee that I will be awarded a scholarship.